Types of braids and twists

Types of braids and twists

Maintaining box twists and braids is a process that can be almost as unique as our children are from one another! The truth is, there are a lot of variables that can go in to maintaining both the look of these styles as well as maintaining moisture. Below I outline a few of the options and highlight the effects of certain choices when it comes to keeping box braids and twists looking kept, while maintain hair health.

Sleeping with Box Braids or Box Twists

As soon as Boo's hair was long enough, we started pineappling at night underneath her sleep cap. Some people sleep with their twists loose on a satin pillowcase, and that's just fine too. We've just found that this leads to less breakage, as Boo isn't putting any pressure on her ends by rolling around on them at night.
However, all you have to do is take one look at the photo below to see what happens after a good night's sleep:
Definitely not the ideal look with which to start one's day. However, this is easily rectified by adding clips to the bottom of her hair to straighten them out. Depending on the style you're going for (see the options outlined later in this post), you can sprtiz before adding the clips for extra help to straighten the twists or braids. I've found that we don't really need that, the weight of the clips, and the time she spends eating breakfast in the morning is usually adequate to achieve a school-ready look. Your child's hair may require more or less attention in the morning, however, this technique has worked effectively for us for years.

Moisturizing Box Twists / Box Braids

We approach moisture and maintenance when it comes to box braids and twists in terms of the desired results that we want from the hairstyle. Sometimes we want a sleek-looking rope twist; other times we want chunky, fuller twists. Or, the main focus of the style could be less about desired look, but the need to have them last through a particular amount of time (like while traveling or when the primary hair person in the household is going to be away for a while). In reality, our maintenance is usually some combination of the items I outline below. But I wanted to give you an overview of each to help you make better decisions for your child and your family.

Desired Results: Sleek-Looking, Non-Fuzzy Rope Twists or Braids

One thing to keep in mind when trying to achieve a "fuzz free" look is that when the hair is wet, it will swell up, and when it's dry, it will shrink. So, if you want to keep box braids or twists "smooth" looking, odds are really good that anytime you spray moisture on them (whatever your spritz is) the style is going to be altered in some way. Same is true if the weather is damp and/or you're using a lot of humectants.

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