Twisted individual braids

Twisted individual braids

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Kristina brings a very interesting question;

So… I’ve been trying to figure out a protective style regimen for a while now. First I was rocking the individual twists and braids then I stopped doing them because they took too much effort to put in and take down, and I felt I was losing hair in the takedown process. So I started doing buns and updos. But I found that those styles stretched my hair to a point that it almost became a bit dried out. Now I’m gearing up for another 3 weeks of protective styling and I’m not sure what to do. I’m not dealing with a lot of length (9 inches at the longest points).

I wanted to ask your readers; for those of you who have tried both individual twists & braids and less ‘piecy’ protective styles like buns and updos; which did a better job of helping you retain length? And why? I know the answers might vary from head to head, but I’m hoping that some helpful themes will emerge.

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