Thick Twist braids

Thick Twist braids

1**UPDATE** I’ve officially renamed this style the Elsa Braid. I just can’t deny all your comments any longer!!

This last October I seriously thought I invented this hairstyle. Don’t worry, I’m not that delusional! I hadn’t seen it around anywhere and I absolutely loved how thick the dutch braid became after pancaking it. I posted a little tutorial on instagram and received tons of great feedback from you guys! I just had to include this dutch side braid in the 30|30.

This hairstyle is easily one of my very favorites.2 It’s big and dramatic and while the hair is pulled back and mostly off the face, it’s still so feminine. Even without extensions you can get the braid to be really full and fluffy. If you don’t believe me checkout here or here. A reader commented that it looked like Princess Elsa’s braid in Frozen.3r The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind but it totally does! I would style the braid from Frozen a little differently, start the braid at the back and pull out and curl all my bangs like Elsa’s, but this is definitely the braid she’s wearing! If you guys want to see Elsa’s braid, let me know and I’ll see what I can do > insert smooch emoticon here

Inverted Bangs Double Twists

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