Senegalese twists Braiding hair

Senegalese twists Braiding hair

senegalese-twistAre you curious about beautiful senegalese twist braids? Senegalese braiding is a gorgeous technique. It doesn’t matter of your hair is natural or relaxed; it looks fabulous on both!

This style is easy to maintain and a breeze to take out since it’s not braided in the traditional way. You can do them with your own natural hair or add extension hair.

Want to make it even more exciting? Just use two or three different colors of hair extensions to add highlights and character to your twist braids!

Let’s look at step by step instructions and care tips for this braided style.

What You Need

  • Tail Comb
  • 2 Small Hair Clips
  • Flake Free Hair Gel or Light Hair Wax (optional)
  • Synthetic Extension Hair (optional)

Step By Step Senegalese Twist Braid Instructions

Here are step-by-step instructions to make your Senegalese twist braids.

Step 1

Wash, detangle and blow dry your hair properly. (Don’t use oils on the hair before you apply the braids)

Step 2

Part a small section of hair and comb it out properly. Use small clips to keep the rest of the hair out of the way for braiding.

Step 3

Separate the piece of hair into two equal sections. Start twisting each section to the right until it starts to coil on itself (do this for about an inch in length).

If you’re adding extension hair, take a piece long enough to twist all the way past the ends of your hair (to however long you want to braid) and bend it across the two sections of your own hair.

Step 4

Take the two coiled sections of hair and take the piece in your right hand over the piece in your left hand once. Coil the sections to the right again, then take the piece in your right hand over and under the piece in your left hand again.

Step 5

Continue coiling and twisting the section of hair until you get all the way to the ends (the ends will stay in place).

Step 6

Continue to section off pieces of hair and coil and twist them until your entire head is done.

Step 7

Finish styling by (carefully) dipping the ends of your braids into a bowl of boiling hot water to seal the ends.

You can either braid the base of the hair as you would with regular box braids (for about an inch or so) or start twisting it right from the root.

Here's a tutorial I made demonstrating the technique.

Maintenance Tips For Senegalese Twist Braids

Your twist braids can last up to 10-12 weeks with the right care. Here are some tips on how to care for them.

  • Wash your braids once a week with diluted shampoo.
  • Don’t use creamy conditioners on your braids because it leaves buildup and makes knots form at the base of your braids.
  • Use light oil on your scalp 2-3 times a week to keep your scalp healthy and moisturized.
  • Spray braid spray or liquid leave-in conditioner on your braids daily to keep your hair moisturized.

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