Senegalese Twist braids

Senegalese Twist braids

Micro Twist Braids
A few months back I was at my local hangout (The Scout) and saw a lady with gorgeous Senegalese Twists. I didn't want to seem like a stalker, but I had to pick her brain to find out who had done her hair. After a short conversation she gave me the name of her braider/twister... fast forward 24 hours later and I had an appointment booked for that weekend.

I initially wanted the twists in preparation for my 8-day vacation to Playa del Carmen. Fun in the sun seemed even sweeter without the hassle of doing my hair. However, I ended up getting my scuba certification before the trip and after weeks of training and multiple pool and quarry dives, my hair had been ravaged. So, I only had my Senegalese Twists for a handful of weeks, but while I had them it was pretty cool.

For anyone in Chicago looking to find a super professional braider/twister, I'm more than excited to refer you to Nana! She does hair out of her home in South Shore, has wifi, and is super friendly. I'm often wary of going to someone's home to get my hair done, but her house was very clean, and she has a room solely for braiding. It took about 8 hours to do my long Senegalese Twists, costs $250 (she provided the hair), and was all-in-all a nice experience.

I didn't have a sore scalp and thought the quality of the Senegalese Twists was on point. Nana did cut each twist one-by-one to clean up the stray edges, and followed up with the use of the lighter on the top to finish it off. You could always choose to have her ditch the lighter if this could be a problem for you. When I took my twist out I didn't notice any damage that could've come from this process.Oh, and I might opt for the medium length twists ($200) the next time around. I liked having long ones, but the summer was hot/humid and I didn't like having the long hair after a while.

If you'd like to get your hair braided/twisted and live in the Chicago area, please give Nana a call @ 773-363-0711. Tell her that Ishea sent you!

Who: Nana - 773.363.0711
Where: South Shore (Chicago)
What: Braids & Twists

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