Natural twists braids

Natural twists braids

Or half a week
22560 Telegraph Road, Southfield


Rodney Howell, owner of Hairshion, is known as Metro Detroit’s “Style Guy.” He’s also an interior designer who appeared on the HGTV Reality Show, "My House is Worth What?" But he’s not the one you will be seeing for braids. Dee, the loctician who is known at the salon as the King of Locs and Natural Hair, can give you Cornrows, Two Strand Twists, Fake Out Braids and Braided Updos.

First Lady Natural Hair and Braids Salon

10107 W. 7 Mile Road, Detroit


Hair expert Rodney Howell of Hairshion Salon also recommends this salon. Howell says when his clients want to switch their styles up, they go to First Lady Hair salon. Here, you can get it all: Ty-zillions, Kinky Twists, Senegalese Twists, Individual Braids, Nubian Twists and Box Braids.

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