Braids and twists

Braids and twists

braids and twist alex whitney tv spotIt seems braids and twists are here to stay for 2013. Those who stick to a consistent workout schedule and opt for these hair styles are in for a rude wake up. A lot of people hold the misconception that you don’t have to do much to care for braids or twists. They are DEAD WRONG. Just because your hair is braided, doesn’t mean you forgo washing and conditioning your hair regularly. You still need to care for your hair or else it will get damaged and you’ll be sad when you take your braids or twists down.
Below I have listed a variety of different braids and twist styles, which have come quite popular.

  • senegalese twists
  • box braids
  • cornrows
  • microbraids
  • twists

If you are considering any of these styles, we have a few tips and tricks on how to ensure your hair is healthy and moisturized while working out.
braids and twist celebrities styles and workout Tips on Taking Care of Braids and Twists Before and After Working Out

  • Wash bi-weekly with shampoo to prevent dirt build up. You can co-wash weekly.
  • If braids or twists are long, keep them in multiple ponytails and buns to allow your scalp to breathe. It also keeps you cooler!
  • Deep condition weekly by placing deep conditioner only on the braided sections where your real hair is. (No need to deep condition the fake hair)
  • Don’t forget your natural hair still needs moisture when its braided or twisted so keep it hydrated by spraying daily with a light, water-based moisturizing spray like Sporty Afros G+ Spray.
  • Use light conditioners such as Kinky Curly Knot Today and Amazing Botanicals Conditioner to seal in moisture and keep friz at bay
  • If you’re working out more than an hour a day, I would suggest you wear twists instead of braids. They are much lighter!



Whitney Tri 1_2I spray my braids down again with Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray then I add a little bit more Shea Moisture Deep Masque treatment (because I’ve usually worked out outside that day and the sun dries your hair like no other!). Next, I oil my scalp with Sporty Afros Ayurvedic oil and work a little oil through my braids to seal in the moisture. Before I lay down, I tie them down with a silk scarf and sleep on my silk pillow case. I don’t like to pull them up at night because it’s uncomfortable to lay on a giant bunch of braids so I just literally pick them up and lay them over the pillow and then lay my head down and they generally stay out of my way.

Wash Routine

Since I’m still training for my triathlon, I wash my braids when I get out of the pool. I use Aubrey Organics Swimmer’s Shampoo diluted with a little water and I do a “shampoo rinse” so I don’t manipulate them too much and make them frizzy. Then, I use Beautiful Curls Leave-in Conditioner and let them air dry, which takes a while.

braids and twist working out biking braids and twist running working out beyonce solange braids hair style work out

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Braids or Twists? ?

which one should i get?
braids or twists(i dont know the name of the twist, not dread twist, but the two strand ones) or should i get individual braids?which one is quicker and last longer?

It depends on the look your going for... Braids are not as neat as twist... Although braids are easier to maintain.... They will both last a good while and are both time consuming.... Over all my vote would be the Twist...
Good Luck!!

How many braids do twist hair make?

Typically if you have lines from you tattoo, it means the artist dug too hard. I myself have lines in my tattoos mostly on my shoulder, but it's not bad. It just means the color is deeper. Sometimes they away, sometimes they don't.