Braiding hair for Senegalese twists

Braiding hair for Senegalese twists

Below is my braid pattern:Crochet Micro Senegalese Twists. I know, that’s a mouthful to say. I don’t even know if that is an official style but that’s the best way to describe what I’ve got going on here.

I would suggest doing the braids in the middle smaller and in an s-pattern rather than chunky braids. Also, to further reduce tension, you can add synthetic hair to your braid pattern just as you would a sew in. The only negative thing is the bulk it adds to the front when doing these twists. If you use Marley hair or a thick/curly hair, it won’t be as noticeable.

I used four packs of Xpressions hair and I cut them in half. I also used a bobby pin instead of a crochet needle. I tried using the crochet needle (with closing-latch hook) this past April and it did not work out for me. I started off fine but snagged my hair often in the needle. It was frustrating to use the crochet needle and I didn’t have the patience so I took out what I started and did some micro braids with the hair. After that, I told myself I wouldn’t try crochet braids again. So this is my first successful attempt at crochet braids, using a bobby pin and my tool of choice instead. It’s just easier for me.

The upper-middle is unfinishedSo what changed my mind?

I wanted to install Senegalese twists for January, but I was concerned about the tension and pulling on my edges. Ideally, I wanted to avoid or lessen breakage at all costs. So I figured crocheting these twists on would ease the tension. I went on YouTube to see if anyone had done crochet braids with Senegalese twists and I found a couple of women who did! I put two and two together: crochet braiding and Senegalese twists.crochet twists Additionally, I stumbled upon an alternative to the crochet method and heard about the bobby pin method. I didn’t search for any videos on the process, I just envisioned it in my mind and instantly realized how it should be done.

Process Below:

  • Take a small amount of hair and “stretch” it so that the ends are not blunt (this will help the ends from unraveling)
    *by stretching I mean pulling some strands in the opposite direction to make the ends uneven
  • Use one hand to hold the strands tightly (close to the middle where it bends) and with the bobby pin in other hand, take and push the closed end underneath your braid and pull through with the hair
  • *Twist the strands together
    *I used a spray bottle with water and spray the synthetic hair to give slip and twist helps my hands not use so much energy which made all of this pain-free! :)


  • I cut each pack in half and stretched the hair by pulling on the ends of the strands to make it uneven.
  • The install took me 2 and a half days to complete.
  • The braid pattern I used was trial and error. I would suggest straight back cornrows to avoid the bulkiness
Installing Crochet Senegalese Twists Crochet Micro Senegalese Twists

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How to braid/twist hair?

my older sister knows how but i want 2 no learn how.So.......can anybody tell me or email me how to.I've been practicing but its not looking rite so help!

Well I checked it out. There are tons of videos on YouTube about braiding. Weather you are white or black or any race, the braids are the same. Just styled different. Use larger chunks of hair for a normal braid and smaller pieces for little braids. I am white but I can tell you that braiding is easy. Just takes some practice. And it is better to practice on someone else first. Until you get the hang of it. But if you don't have someone else to be a model you will have to braid your own hair. I used to practice on Barbie. The one with really long hair. She had some cool braids. I just …