African hair Braiding Senegalese Twist

African hair Braiding Senegalese Twist

AidaBraids is Jacksonville s
Sew-In Weave Senegalese Cornrows for Girls

Comb Twist Nubian Twist Dreadlocks

Yarn Twist Micro Braids Sew-In Weave

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Can braids or senegalese twists work on non african hair?

I'm biracial asian/caucasian with wavy-curly butt length hair. I'll be going on a long hiking trip where I won't have time to take care of my hair but I don't want to get all matted and gross or have to cut it off, so I'm looking for a low maintenance, semi permanent (2 or 3 weeks) hairstyle.
Will twists/braids stay in my hair that long since it is not afro textured? How do I stop the ends from unwinding? Is adding extra hair/extensions necessary?

yes girl, they work like the bees in the knees