Mini Senegalese twists

Mini Senegalese twists

I’ve loved and admired Senegalese twists for a long time. They are similar to kinky twists but there’s something “sophisticated” about them…..or maybe it’s just me :)

Two years ago, with the help of YouTube I taught myself how to do them and put them in my sisters hair. It was a hit!

So now it was my turn. I wanted them too but I didn’t have the patience to try them in my own hair, and I really didn’t want to pay anyone to do them. So I came up with this cheaper, easier alternative…I crocheted them in.

I did Crochet Braids three times last year but I’ve always used curly hair. I like Curly Hair because it’s soft and light but I could never keep them in longer than 2 weeks. Washing them would always be a problem for me since they get matted easily.

The process is fairly easy once the braiding is done. I would usually braid my hair going straight back but decided on this pattern for a bit of variation.

To install the hair, you basically use a latch hook ($1 at the Beauty Supply Store) and loop the hair through the cornrows. Depending on the hair used, you will have to tie a knot to ensure the hair does not slip out.Crocheted Senegalese Twists The hair is used looks narrow but it’s kinda thick so if you try it, make sure that your cornrows are not too small.

The entire process took about 6 hours and altogether I used 10 packets of hair. It sounds like a lot but each packet only has about 20 (really long/waist length) braids.

I would advise against cutting them in half (to start off) because they will end up being too short.
I plan on keeping them in for an entire month, but the operative word is PLAN. I tend to get bored easily but I’ve already had them in for a week so that’s a good start. I plan to wash them every week.

Tip: Before installing the hair, I soaked the braids in a tub of warm water containing 1 cup of vinegar.This helps to remove the alkaline base/coating that is put on synthetic hair during the manufacturing process. This coating is often responsible for the scalp irritation and itching experienced when wearing synthetic hair. Click HERE to watch the video.

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What are Senegalese twists?

Senegalese twists are an advanced form of cornrows that add a twist to the regular cornrow braid.

How do I properly take care of Senegalese twist?!!?

I'm getting then next week... And I don't want my edges to fall out so how do I take care of them? And the rest if my head while I have twists

Keep the edges moisturized w/.natural oils. Still wash ur braids on the same schedule u would wash ur real hair n keep it moisturized w/ lik a spray oil product n after u wash oil ur scalp n stuff