Kelly Rowland hair weave

Kelly Rowland hair weave

With stylist at their beck and call and disposable incomes to pull hair swithcheroos whenever they’re good and ready, celebs change hairstyles quicker than models change clothes. And although long strands tend to bring out our favorite stars’ inner bombshell, clean cropped ‘dos are a much more attractive option for some. Here are 10 leading ladies that we prefer with short hair

If Miss Kelly ain’t the poster child for pixie cut cuties, then who else is? Sure the singer can rock longer locks, but for a while there we were worried about the slew of bad lace front wigs that we practically begged her to come back to the short side. A face like hers needs to be seen!

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MyLuxury1st 3 Bulk Bundles 14" 16" 18" 300g Virgin Remy Brazilian Straight Hair Weft 10.5 Oz
Single Detail Page Misc (MyLuxury1st)
  • Hi! You will receive 3 bundles of Natural Brazilian human hair. 300 grams total which is 10.5 oz.
  • This hair is Top grade and can last up to a year with proper care. This hair has never been processed, so it is virgin Remy weft.
  • This hair can be dyed with care, washed, and conditioned and comes straight.
  • The colors will range from dark brown or off black. Each bundle will be from a different donor.
  • The picture is a reference. This hair can be glued or sewed in or used for bulk.


Would I Look Ok With Kinky Afro Curls?

I want like the Salonge And Kelly Rowland Hair but idk if I would look right because im actually mixed black and white but I just look white and I LOVE Black girl hair styles but Idk if I would look ok

From your description it does indeed appear that you would look good with this type of hairstyle.