Hair Weaving Techniques

Hair Weaving Techniques

different hair weave technique brazilian knots

"Discover a Different Hair Weave Technique To Get the Most Natural Look Without the Weavish or Wigish Type Stare"

A different hair weave technique could be the ideal way to upgrade your appearance. See the following right below to familiarize yourself with the various unique and available install methods .

The key to selecting the perfect install is to first determine what all you wish to do with your hair as far as for versatility, cost, and how long you wish to keep the style. The following allows you to familiarize yourself with the various unique and available installing options for hair weaves.

☶ Strand by Strand

Small segments of ready-made hair which can be purchased in singles strips. Hair additions are placed near the root of your hair to create a single strand. This technique provides a freestyle means of hairstyling. Due to the fact that the hair is NOT on a weft (track) it can be worn into a high neat and fashionable ponytail or bun.

different hair weave technique strand by strand extensionsThe Duration of how long the style lasts depends on which strand by strand technique you choose to go with and how well each individual cares for their particular install. Its durable feature also allows you to flip the hair to any side ie. (to the right, left, front or back) giving you the option to wear and style it at every angle possible displayed below. The following explains and the various available strand by strand weaving methods.

Four Methods as followed below.

1. Hot Fusion

2.Cold Fusion

3.Micro Crochet

different hair weave technique4. Brazillian Knots

The actual strands

Flipped to Side

High Ponytail

Method 1: Hot Fusion

These are ready made pre- tipped hair extensions which are individually attached to tiny strands of your natural hair using special adhesives (glue).

The installation time can vary depending on what you and your stylist wish to achieve in terms of fullness.

You can shampoo and relax your hair, and lasts for up to 3-5 months. You will need to purchase ready-made hair, specifically prepped for this weaving practice.

Duration: 3-6 months

Style Versatility: Unlimited

Styling Time: 4-6 hrs

Applied w/ Hot Glue gun

different hair weave technique Hot Fusion different hair weave technique micro croche different hair weave technique celebrit different hair weave technique celebrityciara

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