Hair weave textures

Hair weave textures

Relaxed Textures

All of The Hair Factory's Different Collections of Relaxed Textured weaving hair under one category for you. Relaxed weaving hair will not wave up when wet. Permanently relaxed, your own hair can be thermally pressed or chemically relaxed to blend with these textures. Style straight, or set in rollers this is a great low maintenance texture!

All of The Hair Factory's Collections of wavy textured weaving hair gathered here in one category for you. Our Wavy hair is versatile and easy to wear. You can leave hair styled wavy and natural or for a change you can blow dry straight or set in rollers! Wavy Textures

All of The Hair Factory's Collections of curly weaving hair textures are listed in this category for you. Curly textures are pre-curled. No need for rollers or curling irons. Curly textures require a little more maintenance than the wavy textures. You will love the natural looking curls and you can follow the easy care instructions provided.

The Hair Factory's Collection of European human hair for weaving are processed to match the texture of European hair. Europes very best soft and silky hair available in straight, wavy or curly textures.

The Hair Factory's Collections of straight hair for weaving are for those who want a smooth straight look. Straight hair can also be styled and set to create any desired wavy or curl pattern. An easy maintenance hair offering you lots of versatility!

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How to Put in a Hair Weave?

There are many ways to put in weave. You can sew it in, your can glue the weave in, or bond it. When you sew in weave, you will have to braid your real hair then sow the weave tracks

Which Hair Texture Should I Choose For Weave?

Hello all, I'm getting a partial weave in a few days (partial in which the hair around the perimeter will stay out to blend in with the weave because I want to be able to pull it back in a poytail) and I'm considering using Virgin Indian Hair. My hair is relaxed, so does that mean that I should get the yaki texture? I like the fact that the natural straight Indian hair waves up a bit when it's wet. Will the yaki texture do that as well?
I am new to all of this, so any serious reply/ help is GREATLY appreciated!

Hi, I am a hair stylist. Without out looking at your hair I can not say. Get whichever one will blend best with your hair. They should have a mirror somewhere in the beauty supply store where you can hold it up next to your own and see if it will blend. I know you said your hair is relaxed, but even relaxed hair comes in many different textures. I hope this helps!