Best wet and Wavy hair weave

Best wet and Wavy hair weave

That big curly hair is always a much requested look. We know that it’s typically popular during the summer time, but ya know we decided we would give the ladies a heads up and chance to save their coins up, so they can shake their 10 ozs of freshness with the best of them. Most of the celebs with the curls we all want as wearing weaves/extensions that are styled into voluminous curls, especially when you see looks such as Corrine Bailey Rae’s hair, where her hair transcends from flowing waves into soft curls. First will give you tips on the hair you can buy on a budget and high end. Then some styling tips on how to manipulate your hair into that perfect full body curl.

Human Hair
- Bohyme is hair we love and loathe at the same dame time. This hair sheds like crazy but you will not find a better hair at your local beauty supply store. It gives MAJOR big hair. You can get away with one pack if you’re looking for a more subtle look that just adds length versus volume. But two packs of this hair and you are getting the Diana Ross turnt Solange/Teyana Taylor hair. Body on body on body. The hair can be straightened and gives the look of Black hair with a bit of texture, it’s just an all around realistic weave. It definitely requires maintenance, you must condition and detangle this hair regularly but for those who want the look without moving into the $500 range for hair…welp, a little work won’t hurt nobody.

- Bobbi Boss is the closest runner up to BSS curly hair right behind Bohyme with regards to human hair. The Soul Wave gives a tighter curl/ringlets that is similar to the look Solange is rocking in the picture above. The french wave is a more of a wave that transcends into soft curls, such as Corrine Bailey Rae’s hair. You can straighten the hair and it takes well to manipulation. Bobbi Boss hair does shed, so seal the wefts prior to install.

– This is more of wet and wavy look then a true curly hair. You can layer this hair up to give more of the voluminous look but you will need about 3 packs of hair to get the big hair appeal. It’s very popular because it’s easy to find at your local BSS

Synthetic hairs are also a great option for those on a budget who just want to change up their look on the go. Several things to consider, synthetic hair does tend to have a high luster so be careful about the curl pattern you choose, if you want it to look realistic. Cutting the hair to fit the shape of your face is very important. And last but not least you can NOT get synthetic hair wet or submerge it in water, it will lose it’s curl and it does not revert. But for around $10-30 pack, you can definitely work it out.

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