Angela Simmons hair weaves

Angela Simmons hair weaves

Will there be a line for every season?

Yes - and we definitely have another line coming out in the Fall, which I'm super excited about! That's all I can tell you right now, but it's going to be some fun stuff!

Tell us about your decision to give a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Indiqué Hair has worked with CancerCare for awhile. When they told me about the partnership I thought it was great and made sense.

With the natural hair movement in full swing, do you hope that your hair extension line will offer something special for the ladies that aren't into rocking their natural hair?

Honestly, I just did it because I wear extensions and it's fun for me, so I wanted to do something that all women can enjoy. A lot of women approach me about my hair and want to know where I get it and who does it. So it's not necessary to bring attention to it for that reason, it's about bringing attention to the fact that women can change up their hair whenever they want. I think it's about whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Tell us a little about your upcoming clothing line.

It's definitely a women's ready-to-wear luxury line. I don't have many details for you yet, but you can definitely start looking out for it next year.

Where do you get all your energy and entrepreneurial spirit?

I've had this natural drive since I was young and it only grows stronger the older I get. I've been around it my whole life - my dad, my uncle, my whole family has that drive. It's just in me, I can't help it.

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  • 22 long weave - 50 inches wide - 114 grams of hair
  • Ideal for sew in method of attachment
  • Premium quality cuticle hair
  • No clips included
  • Single drawn - machine wefted