Remy human Hair Extensions Reviews

Remy human Hair Extensions Reviews

On top of a great outfit, I think great hair is a must. Whether it's short or long. For my preference, long hair makes the biggest impact not just on my looks but my confidence. I feel that it frames my face better and I can hair flip, hahaha!

The item that I'm reviewing is the..

in the color #613E. Though on the site you'll see it as 16", but they have a drop down menu for 16", 18", 20", 22", and 24" as your options. Though the extensions I actually requested were 12pcs, not 7pcs. I completely forgot it was supposed to be 12 and I didn't get in contact with them. Based on my interactions with their representative they would have fixed the situation so please keep that in mind but this is still a review for the 20" 7 piece set!

Here's a quick rundown of the main points but further down among the pictures will be an elaboration of these points.

- even color (before hair dye) - soft - shiny - full length, 20" - double weft - takes color well - good price for length

- still thin after double weft - stubborn clips - had to resew one clip - feels like the hair will dry out fast -

- good for long and thin hair for average appearance of thickness

- good for medium length hair, average to thin, of the 16" option for length and a little thickness

- I won’t be able to review the longevity because I've combined them with older extensions for more thickness. The other extensions will influence the quality and longevity. Otherwise it was too thin for my hair to wear.

- All in all, not up to my personal standards. I like having very thick hair or at the very least matching the thickness I have right now. If anything they feel like beginner extensions. The kind you try out without being overwhelmed, but they can also be underwhelming.

When they arrived they came in a regular plastic package and folded in a long rectangular piece of cardboard. Opening it, they're held in by an elastic band. I tried to edit the picture to it's truest color but it may still vary depending on your monitor/phone settings. In person I would consider them bleach blonde more than ash but they do have less yellow tone than bleach blonde. Ash blonde to me has a slight gray undertone. At best it may be a very light ash blonde.

This is how they looked after I dyed them with Manic Panic's Electric Lizard and Raven. The extensions took the color well and I believe the coloring is likely uneven from my own application rather than the hair itself. It turned out beautifully! I did a slight ombre so my hair will still match if I retouch mine a bit dark and have it fade later.

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