Highest quality Hair Extensions

Highest quality Hair Extensions

Why is Remi
Hair Superior?

Remi hair is a term used to describe the process of bundling strands of human hair so that the roots and the ends of the hair are facing the same direction as it does on your head. This avoids tangling, which is common in non-remi hair extensions when the cuticle of two or more individual hairs catch against each other.

When non-remi hair, such as brushed hair, is used for hair extensions, it is put through an aggressive acid treatment to strip it of its cuticle layer which prevents it from tangling. However, this process leaves the hair opaque and brittle, much like chemically treated, overstressed hair. The hair is then covered with a silicon layer which gives it a healthy, shiny look. But this protection has a short life and usually leaves the hair dull and brittle again after only a few washes.

Human Hair ExtensionsWhy is Great Lengths Hair Superior?

The fact that Great Lengths uses ethically sourced Indian virgin Remi hair as well as the process it goes through to get to the salon makes it the highest quality hair extension on the market.

Many other human hair extensions companies use European or Chinese brushed hair which is proven to be unsuitable for high quality hair extensions because it easily tangles due to the cuticle layers not being aligned.

Most European human hair has been chemically treated and therefore is not in its virgin state.Blond Human Hair Extensions Model Virgin Remy European hair is available in very small quantities on the open market and many companies pass off non-remy European hair which has been treated with chemicals as remy hair for a fast dollar. The majority of European human hair extensions is also sourced from unfavourable origins. With various news articles highlighting the stories of hair buyers preying on poor Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian women who are forced to sell their hair as a way to make ends meet. Traders go to poor parts of Russia to buy local's hair for markets in West Cash in hand, they pay small sums for a head's worth of tresses sheared from women who often have few economic alternatives.

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  • Condition: High Quality, Tangle Free, Sliky Softy Smooth Gorgeous
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  • The life of your extension will depend on your use and care of it. If handled properly, it should last you about 6 months before needing hair added or a repair.
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What is a good quality make of hair extension's?

Wanna get some new hair extensions mine are way to thin and look ridiculous :(
Hoping you can tell me what hair extensions are good and there prices.

If yours are thin, you probably want double weft extensions. I own a website and sell clip in hair extensions. All of my extensions are 100% high quality real human hair. You can curl them, straighten them, etc. Anything you can do to your hair, you can do to the extensions. I have been making extensions for online clients since 2008. =) I know it is hard to see, but in my avatar, I am actually wearing some dark blue extensions in my hair. =)