Glam Luxe luxury Hair Extensions

Glam Luxe luxury Hair Extensions

Glam LuxeIn 2009, Chris Rock brought the subject of hair extensions, a topic that is usually only discussed in the confines of hair salons and beauty supply stores, to the national stage with his film Good Hair. But hair extensions have been big business long before the comedian, curious about women’s hair woes, joined the discussion. Adding hair pieces to enhance length or fullness has been a beauty norm for women for centuries. Modern hair extensions stand out because the quality is more natural and versatile than its predecessor. Unfortunately for the average consumer, finding the best quality hair can be daunting and exhausting. There are limitless companies that specialize in hair extensions and even huge celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have jumped on the bandwagon with their own hair piece and wig lines. So with an oversaturated market, and as a woman who has been wearing hair extensions off and on for years, I am here to end the quest for the finest quality hair by introducing our Cheeky readers to my new obsession: Glam Luxe.

Glam Luxe is a luxury (duh!) hair extension boutique located in Chicago’s South Loop. Owners Heather Williams and Deanna Morales had been best friends for over a decade when they decided to go into business together. Heather explains that it all started when, “I was on the hunt for hair pieces for myself and realized the quality and style I wanted was extremely hard to come by and in some cases didn’t exist. That’s when I came up with the idea to offer high end hair extensions that I would brand as a lifestyle beauty experience.” Deanna, who has a background in finance and focuses on the operations of the business, was an ideal partner for the venture.

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What are Luxe Hair extensions?

Hair Extension that blend well with african american hair.