Yarn braids hairstyles

Yarn braids hairstyles

Maintaining Yarn BraidsD had yarn braids aka genie locs back in October / Early November, that was my first time ever doing them and they lasted about 3 weeks. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t get many great photo’s of her yarn braids and the styles we did with them during those 3 weeks (she wore them half up and half down the majority of the time anyways), but I wanted to share a little bit on maintaining yarn braids.

How To Maintain Yarn Braids

I made sure to keep her hair well moisturized when the yarn braids where in, moisture is, of course, a very important part of maintaining yarn braids
-I sprayed them daily with Bee Mine Juicy Spritz followed by water mixed with Bee Mine Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Oil
-Every other day or two I would add a little bit of Bee Mine Hair Milk for some extra hydration
-After 2 weeks I washed her scalp with the Bee Mine Cleansing Shampoo Bar (if your interested in Bee Mine Products, you can receive a 10% discount using the checkout code in our sidebar on the right of the page)
- At night I put her yarn braids in a loose ponytail and covered them with a satin bonnet

I did have to redo several braids in the front along her hair line…a few times actually, but the braids in back held up really well.

How To Style Yarn Braids

yarn braid stylesThese are basically box braids and there are so many ways to style them. As I mentioned above she mainly wore them half up and half down and loved them that way, so I didn’t do a lot with them as far as styling. A couple French braids here and there, I split the top/front half into two ponytails and she rocked that for a few days, then I braided them to switch it up a little bit and that was pretty much it. For more style ideas for box braids and yarn braids you can check out our box braids post.

yarn braids for kids

As I said before we had a little trouble with the front braids wanting to slip out, after about 2 1/2 weeks I decided to take them down. The take down process actually took longer than I thought it was going to and I ended up leaving the back braids in for a few more days. I did a couple buns in front and an updo style. Again, I apologize for not having great photos of the yarn braids and styles we did with them.

Yarn Braids yarn braid styles 2

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How do you braid with yarn?

You just do the same thing like you braid your hair