Scalp Braiding hairstyles

Scalp Braiding hairstyles

Source: Red Carpet Hair StudioWith movies and TV shows like “Frozen” and “Game of Thrones” taking over popular culture, it’s easy to see why braided hair is coming back into fashion. Here are some tips from local salon owner and style expert Melinda Thomas about getting your perfect braid.

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Melinda Thomas has been in the business of making women and men look their best for 15 years. She is the founder and owner of Red Carpet Hair Studio which is located in Baltimore County’s Parkville neighborhood. She works with all hair textures and types and does weaves, perms, eyelash extensions, airbrush makeup and highlights. Thomas also creates her own all natural hair products. She took time out of her busy schedule to discuss three popular braiding styles for the summer.

Source: Red Carpet Hair StudioFoundational steps to any braided style

Thomas believes in foundational steps for every braided style. First, you must wash and condition your hair. Next you should use a hot oil treatment. Finally, after you dry your hair, you should oil your scalp. All of these foundational steps will ensure your hairstyle will last longer and you are nourishing your hair.

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Essential maintenance steps for any braided style

Source: Red Carpet Hair StudioThomas recommends Mizani Taming Gel to keep your edges nice and neat. Use a silk hair scarf or wrap to cover your hair when laying down or going to bed. Make sure you oil your scalp every three days to keep your hair looking new and moisturized.

Cornrows into a bun
Thomas likes this hairstyle because it is simple and lasts a long time. You can use your own hair or add synthetic hair. First, use the four foundational steps listed above. Afterwards, you should cornrow your hair by sectioning your hair into rows and braiding them. Thomas says that the cornrow size depends on each person. The average number of cornrows is 16. Afterwards, pack all of your hair into a bun. Bobby pins should be used to secure the bun. Follow the essential maintenance steps to keep your braided style new.

Flat twists with love knots
After using the foundational steps to any braided style, use synthetic or natural hair to create flat twists that can go back. Flatwists are done by taking two sections of hair and wrapping them around one another, going from the front of your head to the back, keeping your hair close to the scalp. When you have super long hair, you have to secure your hair with a clip. You can twist the hair to the end or gather the hair into a bun or love knot. Thomas suggests using a bun or love knot to complement flat twists.

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