Cornrows braids hairstyles

Cornrows braids hairstyles

Are you ready to learn how to braid hair?

I’ve been doing cornrow styles for about three years (give or take) and I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial for a while now.

When I look at my first couple of cornrow hairstyles and compare them to the cornrow hair designs that I can do now, I feel very proud because there is such a difference!

Stick with it, push yourself, pace yourself, and you’ll have this down within a few weeks easily!

So many style options out there!!!

Something to remember is that learning any of the different braiding styles takes time and you can't master it overnight.

Good braiding techniques happen through repetition and patience. Like all things in life, starting out with good habits will help in the long run. Be sure to learning the proper way so you don't have to un-learn anything.

How to Braid Hair:

On this page you will learn how to braid:
  • Basic Cornrows
  • Your Own Hair
  • “X” Cornrows
  • Iversion Cornrows
  • Circle Cornrows

For braiding the hair you’ll need:
  • Hair clips to section hair
  • (to help maintain those picture perfect parts while you’re braiding!)

frohawk For the very best results, I recommend that you always start with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Before starting any type of cornrow:
The first thing you need to is part out the section that you want to cornrow.

Whenever I braid hair, I add a water-based moisturizer (I like Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Moisturizer or Darcys Botanicals Shea Butter Cream Moisturizer) for moisturize and then apply an oil/shea butter based product on top of that (I like Bee Mine Curly Butter or Darcys Botanicals Madagascar Styling Cream) for hold.

Cornrow After I’ve parted, moisturized, and sealed with a holding product, I go ahead and start cornrowing. I pull out a small section, section it into three small pieces and then start the process...

How to do a Basic Cornrow:

Easy Cornrow Styles to Get You Started:

Curly Frohawk

Cornrow Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Teens

Feather Hairstyle

How to Cornrow Your Own Hair:

Let me know if you have any questions below!

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What type of Hairstyle is this?!?!? French Braids, or Cornrows?!?!?

hehe is the Pic
or the type of Braids that Becky Thatcher had in Tom and Huck!!! (1995)

scroll down the Picures and see Beckys hair! this is a easy q... thanks

French Braids....Corn rows weren't exactly around during that Era, and corn Rows look competely different.

Which magazine has pictures of various black hairstyles (braids and cornrows)?

I want to subscribe to one

Here are some you can find in North America...
Hype Hair
BlacTress Black HairCare
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