Cornrow braids hairstyles pictures

Cornrow braids hairstyles pictures

Braid and cornrow designsBraid and cornrow designs are popular among African American people. Cornrows have very deep roots in the African American culture. This hairstyles popularity has increased greatly throughout the years, and is now a common style among many different people. This article will briefly explain the history of cornrows, and discuss the different variations of this style.

This hairstyle is a traditional style in Africa and has been for many years. It is a big part of the African culture. Braided hairstyles can represent a person’s social status, religion, age, kinship, and ethnicity. African American slaves brought this customary hairstyle with them when they were forced to come to America.IMG_0019-1 They were allowed to wear their hair in this way out of convenience because it was a tidy way for them to keep their hair out of the way while they worked.

This hairstyles history is more extensive then this and can be dated back many years. There are records of this hairstyle as far back as ancient Egyptian history; a coin was found representing this hairstyle in an Egyptian archeology site.

IMG_2034Cornrows are essentially small French braids that cover a person’s entire head. This braid lies flat because it is braided very closely to the scalp. Cornrows have been made popular in recent years because of the large number of celebrities that have sported, and even named, cornrows. This might be why this hairstyle is more common among the younger generation of people.

In some places, cornrows have become a type of souvenir. People who are practiced at doing cornrows will set up shops or stands in heavy tourist locations. People will then have their hair braided in this fashion as a way to commemorate their visit to this location, or fit in better with the locals. Because so many people participate in this ritual, stylists can charge quite a lot to complete this hairstyle. Sometimes as much as eighty dollars an hour, other times it is a by-the-braid fee. Either way, it is most likely going to be an expensive hairstyle.

Zigzag cornrows are a popular representation of the different ways that cornrows can be braided into different designs. A person can choose any pattern that they would like, and any practiced stylist should be able to fulfill this request. They can be braided in straight lines, curves, and different angles.

IMG_2082 IMG_2173 IMG_3729 IMG_3747

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What type of Hairstyle is this?!?!? French Braids, or Cornrows?!?!?

hehe is the Pic
or the type of Braids that Becky Thatcher had in Tom and Huck!!! (1995)

scroll down the Picures and see Beckys hair! this is a easy q... thanks

French Braids....Corn rows weren't exactly around during that Era, and corn Rows look competely different.