Braids out hairstyles on natural hair

Braids out hairstyles on natural hair


The satin strip braid-out has been my rock over the past few years. As an early transitioner, I used the technique to create texture where there was one (severe heat damage will do that to ya). In the later part of my transition, it was my go-to texture blending style. It is the perfect style for a weekend or special night, and requires minimal skill. There are two methods to the satin strip braidout, and both yield similar results. Which one you go with is simply a matter of the current state of your hair. Let's jump right in:


Recommended for early transitioners or naturals looking for 100% texture blending

This method involves braiding the satin strip into your hair from the root. For new transitioners, this look creates texture and uniformity from the root to the end-with the added benefit of not having super tapered, crinkly-looking thin ends that most regular braidouts result in. For naturals, this method also creates that same texture and uniformity all the way down. It is perfect for any texture of hair, seriously! Satin strip braid-outs on looser hair textures will result in increased definition, and tighter, coily or kinky textures will see more elongated hair.

Watch the video tutorial:

Recommended for long-term transitioners and naturals

This method carried me and saved tons of time at the later stages of my transition. Once you have a significant amount of newly natural hair (transitioning for 9 months or more), you can begin a regular braid and then integrate the satin strip at the line of demarcation. This method is perfect for creating the illusion of 100% natural hair. For naturals just looking for an extra oomph at the ends of hair, this method is perfect. If your ends don't stay braided, twisted, coiled, or you find yourself looking for perm rods to hold your ends often, this method is for you.

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What are some hairstyles for naturally curly haired people?

Check out You can use the pictures there and even find a salon in your state that specializes in curly hair. The products they sell especially for curly hair actually do work!

Why can't black women just wear their natural hair?

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