Senegalese braids styles

Senegalese braids styles

img_29611Oh how I LOVE to change up my hair!!! I’ve always been a natural who is a fan of braids, twists, locs, short hair, and yes wigs and weave (aka accessories)! It’s fun to change up my look whenever I want and not give a care about what other people have to say! I installed Senegalese twists for the very first time back in July right after I returned from the Essence Festival. You can find that post here. It was extremely hot wearing them during those warmer months, but now is the perfect time to do a protective style such as braids/twists. Below are some frequently asked questions.


  1. What kind of hair did you use? 100% Kanekalon braiding hair. ?saucer-girl Approximately 11 (my twists were waist length)
  2. Did you wash them? I did not wash them, mainly because I didn’t keep them up long enough. However, I did use a spray bottle (water, coconut oil, JBCO oil, and a little conditioner) to spritz my scalp and my hair in twists daily. I also spritzed my scalp with peppermint oil and olive oil after my workouts.
  3. How long did it take? Approximately 11 hours (it was my first time, my second time was close to 8 1/2 hours)
  4. What’s your nighttime routine? I pulled my twists back in a ponytail and slept with a stain cap. sometimes I’ll put a scarf around my hair and wear the cap.
  5. Were they tight? Not at all. I never install twists, braids etc tight around my edges. It’s almost that looseness after the tightness has worn off after most braiders install them ( if that makes sense).
  6. What do you use on your scalp? I use Organic Root Stimulator body and hair spray or DAX (Vegetable oils w/ Lanolin) Pomade, and JBCO (around perimeter) when needed.
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What's better box braids or Senegalese twist?

Please help!! I wanna get them before school starts & how do u wash them & take care of them & how do u sleep with them & Style them First time getting them (: thankz

You should consult a hairstylist.

Senegalese twist?

I usually let my mom braid my hair for me, since she does a good job at it. I really want to braid my hair using the Senegalese twist style, but I don't know which braiding fiber to use. Could someone who's done that type of braiding or has had their hair braided into a Senegalese twist tell me which braiding fiber is the best for that style or which pack of braids I should buy? To see which kind of effect I'm going for, go to this link:

The Kankonleon is the best. Any braiding salon can tell you which would be the good to use and have there for you to purchase.