Braided hair styles with weave

Braided hair styles with weave

To start a twist we must braid or twist it into the scalp with an extension. For the kinky twist the body of the twist is tighter and the ends are curly. Starting at $150. Styling time takes 3-5 hrs.
Larger version of Micro Braid. The extension is braided to the scalp, but is braided long, almost to the end of the extension. The ends are tied or glued, and can be straight or curly. The lengthen be short or long, can be layered or same length, and are usually loose. Starting at $150. Styling time takes 4-8 hrs.

Larger version of Micro Braid. The extension is braided to the scalp, but is braided long, almost to the end of the extension. The length is layered and the ends of the braids are burnt. Starting at 0. Styling time takes 3-6 hrs.

Similar to Micro-Braids. The Tree braid attaches the human hair to the natural hair. As we braid, we pull the human hair out of the braid so that is hides the braids. Usually braided to the end of the natural hair and allow the human hair to hang down naturally. The camouflage of the braid gives the tree braid a similar look to the invisible braid. Starting at $250. Styling time takes 6-8 hrs. with 2-3 packs of 18 in. human hair.To create a silky dread we braid the extension into the natural hair about 2 inches, and leave the rest of the hair hanging loose. We return to the scalp and begin wrapping the braid with a long strand of extension you must completely hide the braid into the natural hair for the dramatic look. Starting at 0. Styling time takes 2-6 hrs.Corn Rows are a section of hair that is braided flat to the scalp. This style is worn by men, women, and children alike. The way to part position and finish the style makes one look different from all others. The size determines price and time taken to style. Starting at $65 for women, $35 for men, and children $40. Styling time takes 2-6 hrs.Mini corn rows to the scalp and left loose at the ends like the micro-braid. They must be at least 2 layers or half corn rows and half single braid, with human or synthetic hair. Starting at $150. Styling time takes 3-6 hrs.

Your forehead is corn rows to any design and size you choose to keep the hair off your face, then hidden under the weave, is a spiral corn row on the back of the head into which the weave track is sewed in. The hair used can be curled or wavy, long or short, but can stand it hanging over the forehead or drifting across your line of sight. Starting at $130. Styling time takes 2-3 hrs.

Half micro Corn Rows and half Micro Braids. Starting at $150. Styling time takes 3-5 hrs.
Similar to Corn Rows Micro Braid but with synthetic hair. Starting at $150. Styling time takes 3-6 hrs.

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