African hair Braiding styles Cornrows

African hair Braiding styles Cornrows

Thank you for visiting my braiding gallery where you’ll learn about the numerous types of African-American hairstyles!

Personally, this is my favorite of all hair topics.

I've been cornrowing hair for about three years now, maybe a little less, so believe me when I say this:

It is NOT hard to learn how to cornrow hair!

The biggest thing is that you have to practice. There's no way around it!

Click picture for more on this style and enjoy the pictures!

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On this braiding gallery you’ll find helpful tips and step-by-step instructions on many of the different types of African-American hairstyles.

Braiding Gallery:

Dutch Braid Tutorial
The Dutch Braid is an inverted French braid, given it more dimension than the French braid. This braid is the very same as a cornrow. I learned to Dutch braid long before I learned to French braid, so this is a good place to start.

Fish Bone Braid Tutorial
The Fish Bone Braid, often called fish tail or herringbone braid, is a beautiful braid using only two strands of hair. While this braid is arguable the prettiest, it’s easily the most time consuming.

Rope Braid Tutorial
The Rope Braid is the other common two strand braid, but much faster than the fish bone braid. Once finished, this braid looks just like a piece of rope, hence the name.

Four Strand Braid Tutorial
The hardest part about the Four Strand Braid is holding onto all the pieces, but once that’s mastered, it’s smooth sailing.

Pixie Braids Tutorial
Pixie Braids have the look of micro braids but in less time, and are a fast way to add a dash of sassiness to your everyday look. This style can be anywhere from chin length to above your shoulders, meaning the only drawback is that you need short hair to pull this look off.

Flat Twist Tutorial
Flat Twists are my personal favorite hairstyle because they’re easier to do on my head than cornrows. Using only two strands instead of three, they seem to last a little longer as well.

Gel Twists Tutorial
Gel Twists are a good transitioning hairstyle because they can be done on BC hair. Or on long hair; the length of the hair doesn’t matter.

Nubian Twists Tutorial
Nubian Twists are very easy to recognize from the other hair twists out there because they are a very tight looking hair twist

Senegalese Twists Tutorial
Senegalese twists are easy to maintain and quite easy to remove because it involves one piece of hair twisting around the other one. Easy! You can do them with your own natural hair!

Quick Cornrow Braids Tutorial
Cornrow Braids do so much more than keep hair lying flat. They can be a protective hairstyle, helps keep hair detangled, and, of course, are absolutely beautiful!

Braided Ponytail Tutorial
This Braided Ponytail hairstyle is super cute for little kids, and just plan awesome for older girls too. The zig zag braids add a pinch of surprise while the beaded halo braid gives the hairstyle a younger look.

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