Taking out Box braids

Taking out Box braids

Long term protective styles which are kept in place for several weeks are excellent for promoting hair growth retention. After keeping a style for that long, the horror story is to end up having a difficult time taking down the style and ending up with hair on the floor rather than on your head. Here are my tips on how to minimise breakage from long term protective styles and keep the hair that you worked hard to retain.

1. Know your limits: Do not keep the style for too long

Depending on your hair texture (whether it is kinky or curly or both, whether individual strands tend to mesh or not, whether your strands are fine or average or thick, whether your hair shrinks when washed or not), you will have a limit as to how long you can keep the protective style. For most textures this is 2-4 weeks for twists or cornrows, it is important to remember that the hair is not as tightly compacted with twists and therefore if your hair tends to mesh, it is important not to keep the style for overly long especially if you are regularly wetting the hair. For braids this can extend to 8 weeks depending on the hair texture (kinky hair usually handles braids better), braid size (small braids usually last longer than thicker ones), installation and care for the hair around the perimeter (redoing the perimeter every 2-3 weeks is usually advised).

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How to take out box braids?

NOTHING THAT I TRIED WORKS!!!!! I have tried the conditioner thing where they slide out if you put a lot of conditioner on them but it did not work. I also just tried plain taking them out...it takes to long i only have 10 hours to get the other half of my braids out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEAASSEE help me!

Ask a friend or someone to help, also try cutting 3 inches below where your hair starts so you have less fake hair to take out. I say three inches below so that you do not cut your own hair. After you're done make sure you detangle well before you wash your hair or it will matt up like nobodies business