Kanekalon Box braids

Kanekalon Box braids

Happy Holidays!!!

Yes, I did it!!! I braided my own hair with extensions for the very first time.
I know, I couldn't believe it, but I did.
In Africa, getting your hair braided is very cheap and so we are not compelled to learn to braid our own hair.
But being here in Norway, I braided my own hair for the following reasons:
1. I am skeptical about who touches my hair. You know its not everyone who knows how to treat natural hair.
2. I wasn't ready to go looking for someone and teach them how to gently handle my natural hair.
3. I don't like the pain associated with braiding generally.
3. I wasn't ready to pay an outrageous amount of money to get them done.

I spent about 10-12 hours. I know right, but the experience was worth it. My arms were not tired, just my legs because of all the sitting. So at a point I stood up to braid. The skin on my fingers began to peel off which made it extremely painful to braid when I was about finishing, but on the whole, i enjoyed the experience.

Luckily for you I documented the process which I share with you on these sets of videos and Pictures.

1. The Intro- I give a broad overview of the entire process

2. This is how I cut and prepare the hair for braiding.

3. Step 1

4.Step 2
Just a few pictures!!!
My Braid Comb
Thanks for stopping by. I hope I helped someone out there.

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