Braiding hair for Box braids

Braiding hair for Box braids

The boho box braids seem to be among the trendiest of hairstyles this summer. Women every where have been going 90′s retro with the chunky waist length braids. Celebrities such as Joy Bryant, Solange Knowles, and Chrisette Michele, and now Beyonce Knowles among many others have been making blog headlines everywhere for embracing this hip and evocative trend. I myself have been having my own summer love affair with the waist length Senegalese twists, which are very similar, only they are twists as opposed to braids. While many ladies have already hopped onto the boho bandwagon, there are others who are still contemplating whether or not they wish to join in on the fun. If you are one of those ladies who are still on the fence about trying out this chic hairdo, hopefully these tips will assist you in making your decision.

Box braids can make for a really great low-maitenance protective style. In this style you can give your hair a break and some time away to really grow and flourish, if hair growth is one of your goals. However, one thing that should be considered before getting with this trend is the current condition of your own hair. Any form of extensions can be like suicide to your hair if it is not in a healthy state. Any additional hair added to already weak and brittle hair can be a recipe for disaster. So imagine what it is like to add the weight of super long and chunky braids to already suffering hair. Not a good look. Before making your decision to get get box braids, assess the state of your hair. Are you experiencing severe shedding or breakage? Is your hair feeling brittle? If so, this probably isn’t best time for you to get those box braids you’ve been eying because they would most likely make a bad situation worse. Take a little time, nurse your hair back to health with plenty of TLC and you will be ready for extensions in no time.

If you’ve assessed your hair and determined that it is healthy enough to get you braids done, the next thing that you should consider is how you should prepare your hair to get this style done. I definitely suggest giving yourself a really good deep conditioner prior and possibly even a protein treatment prior to getting your extensions done. Be sure that you hair has an even protein and moisture balance if you do choose to go the protein route (protein treatments can be a horror when used improperly). This is all to ensure that you hair is strong enough to sustain the extensions. The next thing to consider is that your hair is properly moisturized. Extremely dry hair causes breakage so it is a great idea to apply an oil or butter to your scalp and hair prior to getting it braided.

Once you’ve prepped your hair, one of the most important things that you should is choose the right stylist. If you already have a trusted stylist whom you’ve had in mind to braid your hair great. If not, read carefully. If you want to avoid drama and headaches, you should only select a stylist who can show you that they’ve done this style before or a stylist who has been recommended to you by someone that you trust.

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Can you get natural hair in braids (box braids or cornrows)?

I already have it on. So Anyway,
I first had braids for 1 week. I took it off cause it would always fall/came out.
Then the next day i had cornrows for 2 weeks. And now i am having braids again for 4 weeks
So after i take my braids down will it be natural?? I really dont want the big chop!! So please help me out here!!!

Hey Kailey,
Yes you will. The roots will be natural and then you will have relaxed ends. Hair grows about 1/2 inch a month with proper care. so in 4 weeks you will have about 1/2 inch of new growth (natural hair)
Braids are a great way of transitioning to natural hair just make sure you are taking care of your hair when braided by moisturizing everyday.
There are other ways to transition just in case you get bored with braids like weaves, wigs, twists etc. Check out other great tips for transitioning on the link below. I hope i helped and good luck with your hair journey:))