Box braids Maintenance

Box braids Maintenance

Click for Full Image SizeEvery woman loves rocking the uber-cool, low-maintenance box braids style because they give a superb opportunity to extend their hair, which aids flaunting various exquisite and simple hairstyles with it.

Box braids help protect your natural hair except for those with weak brittle hair. The hairstyle is called different names. They are called loose braids, poetic justice braids or single braids. Box braids are called so because of the pattern they form when parting your natural hair; square patterns. Any other pattern would probably be the poetic justice braids which are known for their jumbo (big) size or the usual loose braids that vary in size and pattern.

This hairdo can be styled in many eye-catching ways such as;

I) Ponytails or high-twisted bun; make a high ponytail, wrap at where the hair is been tied a beautiful silken scarf or better still attach a gorgeous hair flower to get an awesome look.

Click for Full Image Sizeii) Buns/cute Updo; this is the commonly seen and popular way to style box braids. The advantage of this vogue is their variability, where high buns can be bulky, compact, loose, tight, simple or with elements of braiding. It is a lovely hairstyle to rock to parties with unique, demonstrating skilful twists, wraps, thicker and thinner braiding and an original color, accentuated with stylish accessories. High buns can pull focus to your face and are ideal for elegant occasions or more formal settings. The end of the bun can also be braided for a more luxurious look by pulling a few braids out from the updo resemble hanging chains and make this hairstyle more unique.

iii) Loose braids; they are fun in movement to wear when loose which is an original way of wearing it. They can be twisted creatively on top and styled with cute hair accessories. Fancy hair scarves can be used also to adorn it, slightly covering the cheeks as a long bob hairstyle which comes out looking chic. It is fast and easily done with a quick brush of the hand against your hair.

Click for Full Image Sizeiv) Ornate Twists and Asymmetric braids; they are additional elements that can be introduced into a creative braid hairstyle. Ponytails can be twisted, front section off the forehead can also be twisted, wrapping either side of the forehead is a brilliant idea which comes out astounding and can be made more emphasized with a beautiful little hair flower and a gorgeous smile.

Asymmetric updos are statement box braid styles which include; the fish tail braid, fish-tail side bangs, braided Mohawk, the twisted lady style, twisted side braid and braided hat respectively. They are characterized by simple twist wrapped around by a previously separated section of braids.

Box braids give lot of variations to styling it with most of them fastly and easily created. Braiding your hair can be a great way to protecting your hair while transitioning or otherwise. Still don’t know how to style yours? Check the pictures below to see the amazing styles to creating yours today.

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