Box braids hair

Box braids hair

These are just pulled back and secured with a bobby pin.So, yeah.

Box braids with extensions did not happen. As much as I really, really wanted them, I simply could NOT bring myself to fork over the insulting price that I was quoted to get them done. I get it. I have a lot of hair, and – to my surprise – it is much closer to getting back to waist length than I realized – but c’mon son (a little piece of NYC that came with me to ATL)…more than double what other people are paying? A naturalista’s version of the buyer’s dilemma…

I was thoroughly disappointed. But I quickly realized that my hair on its own could rock box braids. I previously did them on a regular basis when I was pregnant with kiddo #1. Not sure why I fell off…they led to a lot of length retention. In addition, its a protective style without the added tension that comes from adding hair.

And so, they are back. Box braids without extensions. I started with freshly washed and detangled hair. I spritzed each section with water, then coated strands with Oyin Handmade Honey Dew, and finally sealed with shea butter before braiding. To preserve, I have been spritzing my hair lightly with plain water, shea butter over the roots, and tying down with a silk scarf at night.Chunky, medium-sized braids. This has kept the frizzes at bey. I have also made sure to spritz and seal my ends every other night.

I decided to create my own little protective-style-self-challenge. In a perfect world I would love to keep these in for about 6 weeks, but realistically speaking, I want to start with keeping in the same set of braids for stretches of 3 weeks, separated by 1 week of rest and deep conditioning. August 2nd marks the end of a 3 week period. I might have to make some adjustments as I start a new rotation on August 4th, but for now, I’ll just keep spritzing and sealing.

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How to care for box braids on a white girl?

Hey so I recently got my hair braided African lady style. I'm a Caucasian but I was in Africa for about 6 months and I wanted to get my hair braided right before I left. It's not something I would normally do but I wanted to try it out. I got fake hair braided into my hair as well. I got it nearly two weeks ago and was told that it could last up to two months.
However. I noticed that my natural hair is growing out of the braids and making it look messy. What can I do about this? Someone told me it was alright to cut the hair that was growing out but I'm not sure. They braided fake ha…

Lol do not cut the hair!!!! I'm black and I have box braids and what I do when its a lil rough is wear scarves around my edges. Or u could try putting ur hair in a bun or other updos....experiment with it. I think box braids styles look best when the braids have gotten older

What's your opinion of box braids on caucasian girls?

I'm caucasian/white, I really want box braids but I'm not too sure. I'd really appreciate if you would let me know what you think of box braids! And also if you think caucasian women suit them thanks.
(Also I'm Irish and ginger but my hair is currently dark brown!)

If you have hair, why not get them? It's your head. Do what you want? And do it with confidence. There isn't a race restriction for box braids. Who knows? You may influence others to do it.