Boho Box braids

Boho Box braids

Hi Beauties!

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I have finally decided to officially commit to getting the ultra chic boho box braids I've been talking about for months now! I've seen tons of beautiful naturals with these braids lately, and I am convinced that I need them in my life!

After doing some much needed research, I've come across 5 ways to maintain these beautiful braids! It's super important to know how to care for your hair while it's braided to prevent damage.

1. To prevent an itchy/dry scalp use a daily moisturizing spritz.

This will allow your hair to get the moisture and keep the braids moist for a fresher look.

2. To prevent frizz sleep with a satin scarf wrapped around your head or if you can use a silk bonnet to completely cover the braids. This will keep the braids in tact and free from frizz and lint.

3. Never wear braids longer than 6-8 weeks. If braids are kept in for longer than 6 weeks, the hair will naturally begin to weaken and a tremendous amount of breakage will occur once the braids are uninstalled.

4. Reconsider getting super long, knee-length braids if your hair is in a fragile state. Box braids are heavy and will cause a lot of tension on your hair hairline. recommends, "..braiding smaller, shorter sections so as not to add unnecessary stress to your follicles which can lead to alopecia and pattern baldnes." The less braids you have the easier it is to maintain. Get bigger, chunkier braids for an easier upkeep!

5. Don't let 6 weeks go by without truly trying every style possible with your new super chic braids!! Use our favorite girl Solange as your inspiration or check out awesome tumblr blogs like to get photo inspirations daily!!

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That's all for now, beauties! I'm thinking of getting my braids in about 2 weeks! The count down is on!! Anyone else getting braids? Who's your inspiration?


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What is a box braid?

Box Braids is a type of hair extension which is rapidly growing in popularity. They're similar to Micro Braids except for the fact that Box Braids use synthetic hair rather than natural hair.

How much would it cost for me to get curly boho box braids without extensions?


If you're planning on getting them with you own f hair you'll be looking to pay between $150 to $200 depending on the lenght of your own hair and the time it takes to do them